Improved Properties of Microwave Sintered Li-Ni-Co ferrites

Nandeibam Nilima, Mamata Maisnam and Sumitra Phanjoubam

Li-Ni-Co ferrites with compositional formula Li0.43Ni0.1Co0.04Fe2.43O4 were prepared by both microwave sintering and conventional sintering. For conventional sample, sintering was done at 900?C for 4 hrs, whereas in the latter case sintering was done at 900°C for 10 mins at the heating rate of 25?C/mins. X-ray diffraction studies confirmed the formation of single phase with spinel structure for both the samples. Various structural parameters were calculated from XRD data. The room temperature dielectric constant and dielectric loss were measured as a function of frequency from 100Hz-1MHz and they showed a dispersive behaviour. The variation has been explained by Verwey's mechanism of electron hopping and Koop's two layer model. The magnetic properties of the samples by the two techniques were compared. The studies showed higher dielectric constant and saturation magnetization in the sample prepared by microwave sintering. The results obtained and mechanisms involved are thus discussed.

Lithium nanoferrites, Dielectric constant, XRD, Microwave sintering, Saturation magnetization

12, May 2017 - 13, May 2017



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