At SASA, we offer superior management of conference logistics, regardless of location or size. Whether you are looking for a few complementary services to support your conference team, or are looking for a full spectrum of conference management solutions, we will work with you to customize our services in order to match all of your conference or event needs.
SASA is an industry frontrunner in the world of professional conference organizers. We have gained both international recognition and many industry accreditations for the services that we have to offer.
This section will give you a brief overview of what we can do for you. This list is not exhaustive – we will gladly prepare a custom proposal for you upon request.

  • Abstracts, Posters and Paper Management

  • Accommodation Management

  • Site Selection

  • Committee and LOC Management

  • Supplier Negotiation and Management

  • Venue, Food and Beverage Coordination

  • Registration Online and Onsite

  • Social Functions/Transport/ Tours/ Accompanying Persons Program

  • Speaker and Program Management

  • Staff and Volunteer management

  • Print Material

  • Post Evaluation and Statistics

  • Digital Solutions

SASA act as outsource of the conference. We take care of the entire conference in arranging all the requirements.

Marketing and Promotion

Exceeding conference expectations is something that we strive for at SASA. Our expertise in Marketing and Communication strategies have been proven time and time again to not only drive excellent registration results, but have served to increase awareness in a specifically targeted demographic, which ensures that your conference or event is a financial success.

  • Design and Distribution of Promotional Materials

  • Publication Management

  • Social Media Toolkit

  • Attendance Building

  • Website Development and Management

Sponsorship & Exhibits

Conferences bring people together, and provide a perfect opportunity to connect with affiliated businesses within your targeted market. Through our extensive market research and the creation of a comprehensive sponsorship package, we will secure the right sponsors and exhibitors to help meet your events financial goals and ultimately, will work to ensure that they become partners who will be happy to return to your conference in future years to come.

  • Exhibition And Sponsorship Sales

  • Sponsorship Fulfillment

  • Development of Prospectus

  • Exhibit and Supplier Management

  • Design and Development of Exhibit Floorplans


A knowledgeable and experienced financial management team is a vital component to the success of any conference. We are transparent and honour an open book policy.

  • Budget and Invoice Management

  • Tax Consultation (Nationally and Internationally)

  • Incorporation Consultation

  • Preparation of Audit Ready Books

  • Currency Management