At SASA, we believe it is the skills gap that needs to be addressed to make the students of our country more employable. Such skill development is possible only through project based and application oriented programs such as workshops based on latest technological advancements. We make it our business to advise and guide the students through every step of the process, bringing new ideas into play wherever we can to make sure every last drop of functionality and creativity is squeezed out during our workshops.
We provide various educational workshops on latest trends & technologies for Engineering Students, Management Aspirants, IT Professionals, College Students, Working People. Our Training & Workshops are job oriented and on demand in Industry.
We currently have Workshops on latest and on demand topics including on technical & non-technical topic which will help them in getting good opportunities in Industry in terms of future aspects as well help them in updating their knowledge with the current technology.
We have devised and implemented industry specific modules right from theoretical brain storming session to hands-on practical session where we make sure to squeeze out each and every drop of creativity from our workshop participants. This helps the participants in more than one way. Firstly, gaining practical experience puts education theory into practice and thereby makes it more relevant. Secondly, application oriented learning has been shown to enhance knowledge and skills and to improve self-esteem when students enter the workforce.
We know we’re good at what we do but we need to be our best at whatever we do! Our course modules and framework has been prepared taking into account the feedbacks and suggestions coming directly from industry experts. Thus helping SASA provide training to its participants according to current industry standard and employer demands.
We are a diverse team with a collaborative sense of purpose. A team of creators, builders, analysts and innovators, handpicked and hired for our talents, passions and that little something extra we each bring to the table. We keep our thumbs on the pulse of all things digital, and we’re always tapping emerging trends and new ideas to help keep our participants ahead of the curve. We infuse our passion and creativity into everything we do. Enthusiasm, openness, honesty, a personal approach and a love of what we do are key factors for all of us. Our diversified and dedicated team of professionals have expertise in providing supreme training services to the participants.